Join CAP

First Step - apply for membership
* Application - (Cadet or Senior)
* Fingerprint Card - (located at squadron office) (Senior members only)
* initial membership fee 

Bring to our weekly meeting and the squadron will submit the required documents. Within two weeks you should receive a CAP ID card with your CAPID #.

Second Step - complete initial training
Level I - (Senior members)

Third Step - emergency service participation
* To participate in emergency service exercises and/or missions, 3 online courses need to be accomplished. (These can be found here.)
* CAPT 116 part 1
* FEMA ICS 100
* FEMA ICS 200

To be a qualified CAP pilot - (In addition to the FAA's currency requirements)
* Memorandum of Understanding (one time)
* CAPR 60-1 online test (annually)
* Aircraft Questionnaire (annually)
* Check ride (annually)
(CAP Flight operations are regulated by CAPR 60-1 and in addition, the MN Wing has a published supplement to the regulation.)

If you have questions regarding the process to join and become ready, please don't hesitate to ask!